Graffiti Creativity Hub
DIY Spray Booth is a centre for spray paint creativity. Intended to spark, create and share spray painted art, we turn graffiti into a form of creative entertainment as much as into a way of creating original art and stunning design pieces.

Birthday Spray Parties
DIY Spray Booth also offers your children a unique way of celebrating a birthday party. Enjoying all the fun and creative possibilities that our booth offers and the assistance of our in-house graffiti artist, your children and their guests will have a blast as they spray paint whatever they like while celebrating and partying.

Work On Your Project
You can also rent DIY SPRAY BOOTH to come by and work and spray paint your own project.

Exceptional DIY Spray Booth
We offer a compliant and fully customised Spray Booth that will work as well for up-cycling projects or artistic projects started from scratch.


Image by Tim Mossholder